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Gambling Opposition

Gambling Opposition

New Hampshire Radio Ad Off Mark

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The state of New Hampshire announced this week that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act that was written into law to protect against illegal online gambling, is intruding on the state’s legal lottery operation.

Now, late in the week the state came up against opposition to new proposals that would bring legalized slot gambling to the state. The opposition group did not do much research in their work.

A radio commercial is being run by two attorneys in New Hampshire, Phil McGlaughlin and Warren Rudman. The ad tugs at the basic, outdated argument that expanded gambling brings crime to an area. Rudman has stated his opinion on this matter regarding the crime.

“Mr. Rudman’s views that crime associated with expanded gambling outweighs the revenue that can be generated from slot machines. The revenue would help keep taxes from being raised, and there is no evidence with dozens of casinos going up recently around the country that the crime has outweighed the revenue support given an individual state,’ said observer Brent Trumoy.

The government of New Hampshire is searching for ways to avoid having to raise taxes. There are several proposals to legalize slot machines. The state is already losing revenue to their education system thanks to the UIGEA.

Credit card companies have stopped processing subscription packages to the Powerball lottery, which has caused millions of dollars to be lost in New Hampshire. The slot machines would help offset some of that money lost.

Around the country, many lawmakers have used legalized gambling as a way to help with state budgets. In most cases, the casino gambling has been largely successful, and major crime increases has not been reported to be an issue in these states.

Bingo Gambling

Bingo Gambling

New Bingo Gambling Bill in Alabama Targeting Elderly Medical Expenses

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The game of bingo has always been somewhat of an elderly persons game. It could be found at various churches or social clubs and the rooms were usually filled with the elderly.

Now, the game that the older generation helped make popular, could become their saving grace for rising medical expenses.

Representative Marcel Black has plans of sponsoring a Bill in Alabama that would legalize electronic bingo at greyhound tracks in Mobile and Birmingham. The revenue from these machines would go to the states Medicaid Agency.

“Every year they try to create a crisis to justify passing it(gambling Bill). I would expect there would be substantial opposition,” said Mike Hubbard, a Republican Representative from Auburn.

The so called, “create a crisis”, is the fact that Medicaid officials have claimed to need an additional $150 million for the next fiscal year in order to fund the agency. Does not seem to be much of a made up crisis. In fact, it seems like just the type crisis that other states have effectively used gambling revenue taxes to help solve.

William Stewart, a political scientist at the University of Alabama, summed up the chances of the Bill passing, “I don’t think the beneficiary being a very worthy cause like Medicaid will be enough to overcome the opposition to gambling.”

Unfortunately for thousands who are helped by Medicaid in the state, the battle between governing parties will most likely once again become more important to these politicians, leaving no room to help the people in the state they claim to represent.

Illegal Gambling

Illegal Gambling

More Mobsters Arrested in New York For Illegal Gambling

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The government is trying to make a statement to organized crime. After taking down over fifty mobsters just a few weeks ago, the FBI has now arrested eight more mobsters.

The FBI is trying their best to make the statement that organized crime will no longer be tolerated. their latest efforts came on Thursday when they arrested eight associates of the Luchese crime family.

Domenico Cutaia was alleged to be the captain of the Luchese crime family, according to the indictment Thursday. He was arrested along with seven of his associates in a nineteen count indictment.

Among the charges handed down, illegal gambling was one of them. It is commonplace that when organized crime members are arrested, there usually are gambling charges involved.

Gambling was not the only problem for the eight arrested, however. Other charges handed down were loansharking, racketeering, mail fraud, extortion, marijuana distribution, and bank fraud.

There are several distinct examples that were identified in the indictment of how the mobsters used threats of violence against people that owed money. Some of the people mentioned were not even in the state of New York.

The others arrested Thursday were, Steven Lapella, Michael Corchione, Salvatore Cutaia, Louis Colello, John Rodopolous, Victor Sperber, and John Baudanza.